Hello, I guess..

After years of wanting to start a blog but having nothing to say, here I finally am. It isn’t the first time I’m “writing” though. I was a fairly good writer in school, which meant I topped the class thanks to ridiculously high scores in English and Kannada. This of course led to a false sense of confidence in my own intelligence, which got popped soon after I proceeded to join Engineering college where I did phenomenally badly. But back to school now- the essays I was forced to write in tests and exams would invariably land up in the school magazine, and I pretty certain the examiner of my Kannada board exam gave me near-full marks after wetting the paper with tears upon reading my extremely tragic essay. They weren’t bad, all these essays and stories I wrote. But I could only do so under compulsion- like in a time-bound exam, or a homework due the next morning.

As an adult who has begun to realize that it’s important to have a hobby and keep oneself occupied with pursuits that serve to distract from a miserable corporate existence, I have decided to start writing again, and hopefully the creative juices will oblige me with a steady flow. I have also reproduced a few older posts that I posted as “Notes” on my Facebook page, because I wanted people to read them. In the process, I am also illustrating my posts with my own doodles and peppering them with pictures I’ve taken on my travels.

I hope you all enjoy my writing, and will post your praise and disagreements in the comments. And of course, share what you like!


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